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  • There’s No Time Like the Present

    Victoria. M

    With the year coming to an end, it is a time when everyone reflects on what they have accomplished, what they are working on and what to plan for. Don’t let another year or day go by without making yourself and your health a priority. 
    With the daily grind always on GO; it is easy to let taking care of yourself fall by the wayside. From stopping at a fast food restaurant for a quick bite, skipping a workout or picking up an item at the store that you would not normally use because you don’t have time to hit your favorite health store. 
    Take time to slow down and remember that planning and time management go hand in hand. If you can give yourself a few moments to plan your morning, week or even an evening shopping trip it will save you the trouble of backtracking and thinking of how you could have done it better!

  • NannoCARES about You!

    Victoria. M

    Image source: Eloise Ambursley

    Do you know why Nannocare was started? It was to help women globally have access to a holistic and all natural solution to discomfort that occurs monthly. We want each and every one of you to know that we share in your quest for something better- and we are working every day to bring it to you directly!

    Not only do we take health seriously; we also know everything is about balance. Periods are no fun, but they are necessary and a part of our lives so with that said- we want to make sure you can make the most of every day, period. Menstrual health is a thing, and it is at the forefront of the industry now more than ever.

    Nannocare also wants to make period talk the norm! Every young adolescent gets “the talk” but periods are often left out. It is important for both boys and girls to be comfortable with the change in their bodies and not feel awkward about what is happening. Moms, Dads, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents – we want you to know it is ok to tell young girls about how their bodies will change and how menstruation will affect them. We also want you to be knowledgeable about the products out there that are good for them.

    Here are some helpful tips for the new and even experienced who want to delve deeper into menstrual health:

  • Pros and Cons of Using Organic pads

    Xiaolin L.

    Many brands talk about how organic pads/tampons are great with no toxins and chlorine bleach, but they barely talk about how it actually feels to use the organic pads/tampons compared to the non-organic ones.

    First of all, it is true that our vagina is good at absorbing anything we put in there, which is why some medications are delivered vaginally. So being concerned about what might be absorbed by the body by using tampons made with synthetic fibers is reasonable. However, when it comes to how it feels to use an organic product compared to using a non-organic tampon, there isn’t much difference. Neither is the chance of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

    Regarding the feeling of using pads made with organic cotton or synthetic fiber, the difference is way more noticeable.

  • What Does Maximizing Life Mean to You?

    Victoria M.

    Image source: David Hoffman

    What does it mean to minimize discomfort and maximize life? Well, here at Nannocare – it means a vast array of things. Life encompasses happiness, love, family, friends, success, education and runs the whole gamut of what we all truly value. While it is different for everyone – the underlying component that always remains the same is the need and want to maximize it. We all have our own version of it and that changes daily, hourly and sometimes within seconds.

  • Memoirs of the Travelling Woman

    Victoria M.

    We all know the feeling, a great trip coming up! We have been anticipating it for some time…be it a business trip with a huge client or a much needed vacation. You have your outfits packed, all of your essentials – creams, pastes, gels, liners, mascara, the whole bit. You are ready to take on the world and you are so anxious to get it going.

    But then…it happens! Your period comes. Out of all the toiletries and perfumes and extra hair ties you packed, there is only ONE pantyliner in the bottom of your favorite travel bag. What do you do? Most of the time, when I travel and stop in the airport shops – feminine hygiene items are neither here nor there. Even the bathrooms are a space of despair. What do you do? You resort to asking someone, oh so politely, in the bathroom while standing at the sink. Ahhhhhh!