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Memoirs of the Travelling Woman

Victoria M.

We all know the feeling, a great trip coming up! We have been anticipating it for some it a business trip with a huge client or a much needed vacation. You have your outfits packed, all of your essentials - creams, pastes, gels, liners, mascara, the whole bit. You are ready to take on the world and you are so anxious to get it going.

But happens! Your period comes. Out of all the toiletries and perfumes and extra hair ties you packed, there is only ONE pantyliner in the bottom of your favorite travel bag. What do you do? Most of the time, when I travel and stop in the airport shops - feminine hygiene items are neither here nor there. Even the bathrooms are a space of despair. What do you do? You resort to asking someone, oh so politely, in the bathroom while standing at the sink. Ahhhhhh!

This is an ongoing issue I have personally encountered many times over! On a cruise, on a train, in the airport and yes on the plane! (Sorry Dr. Seuss, I think I may have you beat). In all seriousness, the lack of accessibility to feminine hygiene items - and I use that term loosely- because there is a total lack of representation in the shops and other spots you visit for a good ol’ fun time (think, amusement parks, hiking general stores, shopping malls, etc) and that leaves us ladies in despair and stressed beyond words.

We, at Nannocare, are taking care to change this! We want you to be able to head to the airport with all confidence or hop on that cruise ship and shop til you drop knowing that in a flash - if the red sea comes your way - we are within arms reach. It is not only important for pads and hygiene items to be accessible but to be accessible in ways that you shouldn’t have to put too much thought in to and know that we can be your saving grace!

Keep your eye out for us on your next trip, you might be surprised where you see our shiny white boxes! Have an idea of a great place you would love to purchase NannoPad? Drop us a line, we love to hear from you.

Until next time, we will be here...delivering comfort, period.

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