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Your comfort, our mission. Introducing NannoDry®.

NannoDry® was created with your comfort in mind and is the first bladder protection pad made with 100% organic cotton and our proprietary Nannogenic™ Technology of unscented odor-control. Discreet and unisex, feeling confident in day to day activities never felt so effortless!

The most advanced 

bladder protection pads

  • Made with 100% organic cotton, all-natural

  • Fragrance free, unscented odor-control

  • Thin absorbent core, lock in wetness

  • Breathable, leak-proof back sheet

  • Biodegradable plastic packaging

  • Free from chemicals, dyes, toxins, bleach

  • Nannogenic™ Technology to minimize odor & bacteria

Designed for all-day comfort and confidence.

Wear NannoDry® with the peace of mind knowing you will naturally combat odor and fight wetness from bladder leaks. Our Nannogenic™ Technology helps to minimize bacteria and odor naturally without fragrance, so you can feel fresh, confident and comfortable all day long.

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