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It all started with our Nannogenic™ technology.
Our team of scientists and innovators created a proprietary blend of concentrated particles that emit far infrared energy, which has notable improvement over other menstrual solutions.

It was then that we knew there was a way to help millions of people with menstrual discomfort. We fulfilled the potential of this technology with the creation of NannoPad® and put our innovation to use in a market that has had no advancement in decades. 

Backed by science,

proven effective by users


Far Infrared energy, as an activity, is simply the emission of energy as an electromagnetic wavelength. All objects, including our body, emit an electromagnetic wavelength. Most of the wavelength emitted by the body is in what is called the far infrared band, also known as thermal-infrared. It’s just a type of energy that our body naturally generates.

Multiple scientific studies have shown that the use of Far Infrared energy has beneficial effects on circulation in the tiny blood vessels present within organ tissue, which brings about discomfort relief. You can read about these studies here (if you’re brave enough to try to wade through technical papers loaded with highly specialized terms). But if you’d rather hear from real people, here are some comments from users of NannoPad®.

The NannoPad® should be used the same as a regular menstrual pad to absorb menstrual flow and discharge. During our user testing, we have found that some users will get noticeably better results from the NannoPad® by using our pantyliners a few days prior to their menstrual cycle. This helps to start the process of microcirculation, which may reduce the occurrence of menstrual discomfort. Not all users need to use the pantyliners before menstruation since everyone’s body is different. So please find what routine is best suited for your body.


NannoPad® is made using USDA standard, 100% organic cotton certified by OCS with ultra-absorbent layers to firmly lock in heavy flows.
The result is soft, thin, dry, breathable and comfortable pad.

Tested and proven effective | FDA Certified manufacturer | Recommended by U.S board-certified physicians

Does relieving menstrual discomfort via a non-pharmaceutical, natural product appeal to you? Are you looking for a pad that is hypoallergenic and entirely free of chlorine, pesticides, dyes, and fragrances? We welcome you to try NannoPad®.


*Certified third party testing was conducted in 2018 with women aged 21 – 45, over a time frame of two months using our NannoPads and placebo-controlled products. The NannoPad group experienced less pain (at 95% confidence) and fewer days of menstrual pain after using the NannoPad. The result of NannoPad group also shows a significant reduction of painkillers being used for menstrual cramping. For additional studies and reference, click here. Nannopad® contains many of the same ingredients used in these studies. 


Dr. Lisa Benest
MD, Dermatologist certified by American Board of Dermatology

*Please consult your physician and/or medical doctors for further information about menstrual discomfort or cramping and how our NannoPad® works with your body. The statement in this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.