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What Men Think About Menstruation

Kaitlyn Luckow


Ever since I’ve started writing about menstruation, I’ve had a surprising amount of men reach out to me with questions and thoughts they have about periods and menstruation. I think it’s so important to open up this discussion to all genders, because everyone should be educated on menstruation, not just people who experience it.

This discussion is vital in order to erase misconceptions about menstruation and could help further education throughout the world. This mentality could erase negative mentalities and improve the health for women throughout the world.

I reached out to men throughout the world to see what they think about menstruation, addressed some misconceptions that they hold, and answered questions that were asked.


What They Think About Periods 

Scared About Moodiness

Some men I talked to expressed that they grew up learning that women are dangerous to be around while they’re on their period. Calling it names like “Dragon Lady Week” and “Shark Week” because of the perception that women become moody and volatile during their periods.

Granted, this is something that all men expressed that they used to think or thought growing up because of the mentality taught to them by their fathers. It seems to be a mentality that is changing.

They’re Thankful They Don’t Have To Deal With It

A lot of guys are just thankful that they’re not the ones that have to experience menstruation every month. Although it can make them uncomfortable and they don’t always know how to react to talking about it, they’re understanding that it can be a sucky thing to go through.

Blush, Blush.

Let’s face it. A lot of men don’t even want to talk about periods. They blush when someone says “period” or “menstruation” and avoid talking about it at all costs. Even some women act the same way.  

This is due to a variety of different factors ranging from not wanting to say the wrong thing, being embarrassed by a lack of knowledge, and the cultural shame surrounding periods. 

All of these things need to end. With education and a willingness to talk and make mistakes, this can end.

Frequently Asked Questions About Menstruation

Many men that I talked to never got a real education about menstruation. They may have been told what it biologically was in health class, but a lot of real questions go unanswered, and unasked (due to embarrassment). Here are the top questions (and answers) that men ask about menstruation.

How bloody is a period?

Like most of these answers, this is going to depend on the individual. During one whole period, a woman will lose between 30-80 ml of blood. This might not seem like a large number, but the flow isn’t usually consistent through the whole cycle. Some days are heavier than others and some days, women can experience a huge influx in flow and blood clots.

Are Cramps Really That Bad?

Yes. Again, not all women experience cramps during their period and not all women experience the same magnitude of cramps. Some women don’t feel anything, while some women are put into crippling pain.

This pain can be so severe that it can cause vomiting, migraines, and even cause an individual to pass out. In fact, in 2016, a doctor published an article stating that period pain can be as bad as experiencing a heart attack. This pain is no joke and should be taken seriously.

Cramps are caused by the uterus contracting in order to shed its uterine lining (this is what menstruation is).

Is Having Sex During Your Period Okay?

This answer obviously depends on your partner’s personal opinion on whether they want to have sex during their period or not, but it is perfectly normal to have sex while on your period.

The hormones of progesterone and estrogen can increase someone’s sex drive. However, many women feel bloated and uncomfortable during their period which may decrease their sex drive.

Women tend to get more enjoyment from having sex while on their period due to a spike in hormones, natural lubrication, and increased sensitivity. Sex is also a known remedy to menstrual cramps.  

This conversation is important to have—for men and women alike. There are stereotypes and misinformation that are spread because people are too afraid to have these conversations. Let’s open it up. Let’s talk about periods together.


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