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What Does Maximizing Life Mean to You?

Victoria M.

Image source: David Hoffman

What does it mean to minimize discomfort and maximize life? Well, here at Nannocare - it means a vast array of things. Life encompasses happiness, love, family, friends, success, education and runs the whole gamut of what we all truly value. While it is different for everyone - the underlying component that always remains the same is the need and want to maximize it. We all have our own version of it and that changes daily, hourly and sometimes within seconds.

NannoPad is paving the way to minimize discomfort- first and foremost. Our vision for all women of all ages is to have us all be able to pack up and go and not worry about period discomfort or bloating. We know we are all different and with that will come to different results but we do know one thing for sure, helping a majority of our users is our end game.

Did you know that some women’s cramps are so debilitating that they cannot get out of bed? Or that the PMS symptoms are so intrusive that they disrupt everyday life? This is NOT the definition of maximizing life.

Take time every day to pamper yourself, be it something small or even something grand. Destress and take time for self-preservation and don’t feel bad about it. If you don’t take care of yourself who will?

Here are some great tips for Maximizing Life:

  1. Remember how amazing you are and repeat it to yourself each morning
  2. Focus on the small things that make a difference but don’t let it take over when it doesn’t go the way you planned
  3. Tell your family, friends and loved ones how much you appreciate them
  4. Work on yourself, in this day and age; a lot of focus is on the external distractions but it truly is what is on the inside that counts
  5. Be you; there is only 1 of you; don’t change that for anyone unless it is something that YOU truly want


How do you maximize life? Share with us on social media and tag #minimizediscomfortmaximizelife; we can’t wait to hear your stories and tidbits!

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