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5 Comforting Date Night Ideas for When You’re On Your Period

Amanda Winstead

When you’re experiencing cramps, bloating, discomfort, fatigue, and a host of other personal symptoms, the last thing you likely want to do is put on a little black dress and go out on the town with your partner. While romantic nights out are always appreciated, they aren’t always practical – especially when you’re on your period.

But, experiencing menstrual discomfort doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy quality time with your partner.

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy into the traditional dinner-and-a-movie date night to enjoy that quality time while remaining comfortable and feeling close and intimate with your partner.

Get creative with your comforting date night ideas, share them with your partner, and you can enjoy a cozy night together that can make you feel your best while on your period, and extremely loved by the person you’re with.

1. Home Spa Nights

Sometimes, nothing sounds better than a massage or a soothing facial. In the comfort of your home, you can host your own gentle spa night, and get your partner involved. Massages, facials, and warm baths can be incredibly intimate and can help with some of your cycle symptoms, including muscle aches and cramps. If you have a hot tub at home, don’t hesitate to put it to good use during your spa night.

A soak in the hot tub can decrease stress on your muscles and joints, and sitting by the jets can make you feel like you’re getting an extra back massage. In fact, you don’t have to wait for a spa night to take advantage of your hot tub. Make it a part of your regular wellness routine to improve flexibility and fight back against muscle aches.

2. Dinner and a Movie at Home

You can still enjoy the classic date night idea at home, and you’ll be able to get even closer to your partner than you would in a movie theater. Putting on your pajamas, ordering your favorite take-out, and picking a movie you haven’t seen in a few years or one that recently came out on a streaming service is a great way to cuddle close on the couch and enjoy your night together.
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You could even go all out by setting up a blanket fort in front of your television, enjoying your meal or snacks while you lay together. You’ll feel like a kid again, and it makes the night a bit more special and memorable.

3. Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises

Your menstrual cycle can impact your mental health more than you might think. You might feel more anxious or depressed. While that’s normal during your period, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize mental self-care, and your partner can help with this.

Consider practicing mindfulness exercises on your date night at home. Sit next to each other on pillows on the floor, or even in bed, and close your eyes. Focus on taking slow, deep breaths. Let anxious, negative thoughts pass you by as you try to become more in tune with your senses. What do you hear and smell? What can you feel? Deep breathing and mindfulness exercises can not only boost your mental health, but they’re a great way to feel closer and more connected to your partner.

4. Wine and Conversation

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than spending a long night chatting with your favorite person and a bottle of wine. Drinking on your period is okay, as long as it’s done in moderation and you stay hydrated in other ways, and red and white wines have different benefits.

Red wines are often stereotyped as being more romantic, and research has shown they have several health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. But, don’t hesitate to use your favorite, whether it’s red or white. Red varieties tend to pair well with:

  • Red meats;
  • Spicy stews;
  • Chocolate;
  • Rich sauces.

White wines are often lighter and pair well with:

  • Acidic foods like vinaigrettes;
  • Seafood;
  • Tangy cheeses/

A few sips and bites with good conversation can make for a memorable, relaxing date night that still feels romantic. If you aren’t familiar with different types of wines and want to learn more, make your night even more unique by joining a virtual wine tasting.

5. Take a Stroll

Getting in some light physical activity is a great way to practice self-care while on your period. Exercise can help with cramps while stabilizing your mood. While you don’t need to go to the gym or do anything too strenuous, a stroll around your neighborhood or a local park, hand-in-hand with your partner, can be the perfect way to feel your best while spending time together.

If you want to do something more organized, consider having a day-date with your partner by signing up for a yoga class together. Afterwards, you can go to your favorite breakfast spot for something healthy, and spend the rest of the day relaxing at home or running simple errands.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to foster intimacy and enjoy dates with your partner while on your period. Be communicative with them about your needs and wants, and you can both get creative with your date nights each month.

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Amanda Winstead is a writer from the Portland area with a background in communications and a passion for telling stories. Along with writing she enjoys traveling, reading, working out, and going to concerts. If you want to follow her writing journey, or even just say hi you can find her on X.  


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