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How To Feel Your Best During Your Time of Month

Although your period may bring you down and make you feel like you are not yourself, there are some tricks you can do to help you feel better.
If there is one thing that women dread every month, it’s their menstrual cycle. Not only do they not look forward to this time, but they also have to worry about preparing for it too, as crazy as that may sound. The overall cycle can last anywhere from 1-7 days, if not more, so preparing for menstrual cycles allows women to get their minds and bodies ready. Although your period may bring you down and make you feel like you are not yourself, there are some tricks you can do to help you feel better.

Anticipating your menstrual cycle can take a toll on you, but it is something that your body will thank you for. The preparation may consist of eating healthy before you crave all those sweet snacks, stocking up on the essentials like pads and tampons, and getting your mind ready to take on another cycle. If you are someone looking to improve how you get ready for your period, keep reading!

Sweet & Savory Sweets

Women’s cycles tend to come around the same time every month, so it is something that they expect and their bodies notify them of, also known as premenstrual syndrome. As you close in on the time when your menstrual cycle is going to start, you may notice that you are craving sweets and more carbs. The reason being is that there is a change in your estrogen and serotonin levels. The change can cause cravings to kick in and an urge to want to indulge in all your favorite snacks.

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While these cravings are occurring, it is important to keep in mind that you should still maintain your regular diet and continue eating food with great nutritional value. If you give in to all your cravings and dig into that bag of chocolate on your nightstand every time a craving occurs, your body will not always be thanking you. Remember continuing to eat healthy while going through your menstrual cycle will help you to keep your energy up and not feel sluggish. It is important that you also stay hydrated while on your period. Drinking plenty of water can help to reduce bloating, cramps, headaches, and fatigue.

Getting the Essentials Ready!

As you can imagine, the main thing that goes hand-in-hand with getting your period is having the essentials to care for it and protect yourself. To get ahead of the game, stocking up on pads, tampons and undergarments will allow you to check one thing off the list and be ready for when it comes. Whether you go to the store or purchase the essentials online, make sure you grab enough to have extra. Additionally, it is a good idea to grab a couple of different options as well. As previously mentioned, each cycle is different. It may be light, moderate, or heavy, meaning that you will want to use a pad or tampon that best fits your flow that month.

Keeping a stash of period products in your purse, car or different bathrooms within your home is not a bad idea! Not only will you be prepared, but you will feel comfortable going places. Whether you are going to work, on a road trip, or to a friend's house, it is a great idea to have a stash in your purse. Leaving the house without extra pads or tampons is a risk that many are not willing to take, so planning ahead will only benefit you. Planning accordingly will help you to feel ready to take on whatever your period may be throwing at you that month!

Prioritizing Your Mental Health

While dreading the start of your menstrual cycle, you may notice a shift in your anxiety or depression. With the change in your hormonal levels, your body may notice these changes, which can trigger some of your emotions. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety around and during your period, it may be worth speaking to a doctor that can prescribe anxiety medication online. Receiving medication online is not only easy, but it is very convenient as it allows you to do it from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes leaving the house while on your period is something that you try to avoid due to the cramps and side effects you may be experiencing, so having easy access to speaking with a doctor online can benefit you. Remembering that you are not alone while experiencing these symptoms is very important as well. Many women experience the same thing and there are certain ways to work through difficult emotions. 


Preparing for your period mentally is very important not only because it can help you with your physical health, but also your emotional health. Many experience anxiety if their period is late, early, heavy, abnormal, or if they miss it. Any of these factors can cause your mind to race and wonder “what is going on?” If you notice that any of these are occurring, speaking with your doctor may be in your best interest to help put your mind at ease!

Its Okay to Dread Your Cycle!

Ladies, it is okay to dread that time of the month! Getting your period can be very bothersome, annoying, and inconvenient, so preparing for it will be in your best interest. You can stock up on all the goods, get any pain reliever you may need to help relieve cramps, and maybe even give yourself a sick day if you are really under the weather. As mentioned before, each cycle may not be the same. Some months you may have many symptoms, while other months you may have none. However, getting into a routine around that time may be beneficial in helping you feel your best and giving you the courage to keep plugging away. 

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