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The Wine Down: How to Relax and Unwind During Your Period

Relaxing and unwinding when you have your period can help to alleviate some of the less pleasant symptoms. Use our tips to feel your best when menstruating.

With as many as three out of every four menstruating women experiencing some form of PMS, knowing how to relax and quell irritability, depression, and mood swings is crucial to your well-being.

Suffering through your period every month isn’t something you need to do, and there are plenty of ways you can relax and give your body and mind the TLC it needs.

If you’re relaxed, you’ll suffer from fewer PMS symptoms and can enjoy life a little bit more, even when your body is going through some rather tumultuous hormonal changes. We’re going to give you some tips on how to make your period less stressful.

The following tips will not only help you to relax and unwind during your period, but they’ll also encourage you to live your life in a more gentle and nurturing way. 

7 Tips For Relaxation And Comfort During Your Period

When your time of the month arrives, it’s good to be prepared. With these trusty tricks and tools, you can create an environment that’s not only calming and relaxing but maybe even a little bit special and inspiring too.

1. Practice self-care

Self-care is an interpretational practice that changes depending on who you are and what kind of things make you feel your best. The real tip here is listening to your body and doing things you know have historically made you feel calm, loved, and supported both emotionally and physically.

Some popular self-care practices include long bubble baths, home spa treatments, a little bit of retail therapy, and indulging in the occasional guilty pleasure, such as binge-watching your favorite reality TV show.

This is a great time to give yourself a little bit of well-deserved leeway. Make it special; make it you.

2. Speak up if you’re feeling down

There’s no need to suffer in isolation. If your period is getting you down, don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to the people in your life you know you can rely on for support. Be it a partner, a friend, a sibling, or a parent, offloading your pent-up emotions can be a wonderfully cathartic process.

Plus, your loved ones may be able to provide you with practical advice that you may not have considered on your own. That’s what friends and family are for. 
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3. Get moving

While it’s often the last advice you want to receive while menstruating, a little bit of exercise has proven time and time again that it can do wonders for alleviating cramps and mood swings. 

Don’t overexert yourself, but consider taking yourself for a languid walk in the sunshine or maybe a slow online yoga session from your bedroom floor. The endorphins and norepinephrine will be well-received!

4. Prioritize sleep

Never underestimate the power of good sleep. By getting in a solid 7-9 hours every night, you can ensure that your hormone production is as regulated as possible while giving yourself the rest you need.

A big part of self-care during your period relates to adequate rest—and naturally, sleep is the best way to achieve it. When you start to feel drowsy in the evening, get yourself nice and tucked into bed for a cozy nighttime wind-down to part with the day.

This is also a great opportunity to journal, craft, read, or watch your favorite movie for the millionth time. Just remember to put the screen down around an hour before sleep—you’ll have a much deeper, more fulfilling rest. 

5. Wine and dine yourself

Appetites are another thing that tends to fluctuate during menstruation. But that just means you have an excuse to treat yourself to whatever delicious, nourishing food and drinks you love.

Contrary to popular belief, a glass of good-quality wine shouldn’t cause problems for your body during menstruation, so long as you limit it to just one or two glasses.

As for food, do your best to stick to whole, unprocessed foods. But if you do find yourself gravitating towards chocolates, chips or anything carb-laden or sugary, give yourself an allowance to work with and savor every bite. If you battle with impulse control and the sweet cupboard, join a fruit of the month club or do a grocery shop just before your period to ensure that you have healthy, tasty snacks within easy reach.

6. Meditate and masturbate

Oh yeah! Both of these things can be incredible tools for improving mental clarity, feel-good hormones, and sometimes even assisting with pain relief.

Meditation has long been used to help people cope with stress and encourage a more calm, present state of mind. A meditation session at the start or end of your day can prepare you mentally and make you feel more zen.

Masturbation has many amazing health benefits, too, including the relief of menstrual cramps, mood-boosting, and improved sleep. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your sexual side and spend some time finding out what feels good; your body and mind will thank you for it.

7. Put yourself first

When it comes down to it, relaxing and taking care of yourself during your period is about prioritizing your own needs. If you feel the need to be alone, set that boundary. If you have the energy to see people and stay active, allow yourself the space to do that.

Above all, listen to your body. Nobody knows what you need better than yourself. So, trust your instincts, rest well, and treat yourself with love and kindness.

Final Thoughts

Without proper support, menstruation can be a difficult time of the month. Often, it’s a time when we feel least equipped to self-soothe or practice self-care. However, everything on this list is designed to provide a swift and effective route to relaxation—the kind you will never regret putting time aside to try.

Leaning on friends for support, spoiling yourself with little treats, setting aside quiet time, and getting good sleep are just some of the things you can do to alleviate stress and discomfort during your period.

Next time your monthly bleed arrives, you’ll have a range of useful tips and tools to lean on for emotional, mental, and physical support. Go on, queen—you’ve got this.

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