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Reasons Why You Deserve the Best Love In the World

Kaitlyn Luckow

Image via Jacalyn Beales


There’s a line in The Perks of Being A Wallflower that is totally overused on Pinterest, but it’s true that “You accept the love you think you deserve.” 

Unfortunately, I’ve known a lot of people (and I’m sure you have to) that accept the love that isn’t full, isn’t genuine, and sometimes even toxic.

If you’re stuck in a situation where the love that you’re receiving from others, whether that’s in a romantic relationship, friendship, or even familial relationship, I want to talk to you today about why you’re worth more.

If you’re giving, giving, giving all of the time and not receiving any support back, you deserve more.

Here’s why:


You’re Different

I know that everyone is always told that they’re a unique snowflake that is special, but honestly, it’s true.

We all bring different skills, thoughts, and feelings to the table. Those things are changing the world in ways that are different than what any other person is doing to change the world.

It’s truly a beautiful thing. No one is doing what you’re doing in the space you’re doing it. That deserves to be celebrated.


You ARE Good Enough

So often, we are our own worst enemies. There are voices inside of our head that tell us that we’re not good enough. We see all of our flaws and mistakes and view them as reason as to why we’re not ‘good enough’. But the truth is is that those flaws and mistakes don’t take away from our goodness. They are just mere additions to our story. They make your goodness shine brightly.

Not a single hero has ever been without flaws. And, my dear, you are a hero.

Your Worth Isn’t Determined by Others

Other people’s perceptions of you don’t determine your worth. You are THE ONLY person that can determine that.

As often as we can obsess over someone else’s perception of us, we have no control over it. We could be the nicest person to them and that doesn’t mean that their perception will change. That can be a hard thing to accept.

However, what you do have control over is how you perceive yourself. So, celebrate your worth. Perceive yourself in the same way that you wish others perceived you.


You Exist

Yup, it’s really that simple. If you exist and you’re alive on this beautiful planet, then you are worth it.

And you’re already making a difference in other people’s lives by showing them that THEY are worth it too. You put out so much good and support that you’re teaching others the love that they deserve. Please don’t forget to tell yourself the same thing. 

Knowing your own self-worth can be a long process and it can be a process that you continue to learn and relearn throughout your life. Regardless of where your heart is at right now, never forget that no matter what, you deserve the best love in the entire world (and that includes love from yourself).  


It’s time to celebrate yourself. Tell us why you’re worth it in the comments below. Or tell us on our Instagram or Facebook. We want to shout you out!

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