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New Year, New Mindset

Kaitlyn Luckow


With the new year came millions of social media posts with people talking all about how they were going to do this and that in the new year. That is all fine and dandy. Having goals is a beautiful thing, but I want to take today to make realistic goals for you to implement throughout the year. All of these goals are about self-love and shifting toxic mindsets that may be bringing you down.

There has been a lot of hope out there for 2019 and I want to make sure that you’re applying that hope to yourself and your mental health as well—because you’re worth it.

Here are some things that you should think about and remind yourself of as often as possible in the new year: 


It’s Okay To Say “No”

You don’t have to do things that you don’t want to do. I know, that may come as a shock to some of you. I know it was a shock to me.

However, you truly don’t have to do things that don’t interest you. If a friend invites you to a party where you only know one person and you’d rather just lay on your couch and watch Netflix, you don’t have to go.

If someone wants you to work for free because they’re your “friend” and need a favor, you don’t have to do it.

Recognize the worth of your time and don’t fill your days with doing things as favors to others or doing things you don’t want to do just to make others happy.  

By saying, “no” to things you don’t want to do, you’re opening up the door to a lot more “yes”s in your life.


You Are Not An Imposter

No matter what your profession is or how many years you’ve been in that profession, you will probably experience “imposter syndrome”. Imposter syndrome is when you recognize where you’re at, but don’t recognize your skills and abilities that got you to that point.

You think you just got lucky and that you’re not actually “good enough”. You worry that someone is going to break your cover and realize that you’re just faking it.

Well, guess what?  

You are not an imposter.

We need to stop telling ourselves that we got to where we are today by chance or by luck.  

You got to where you are today by your immense talent, skill, and determination. Don’t undervalue or underestimate yourself. You are not an imposter. You are exactly where you need to be.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

It can be easy to find yourself trapped in friendships that are toxic. You may find that you’re surrounding yourself with people who lead their hearts with fear and insecurity. Due to this, they are unable to celebrate you and give the healthy love that you deserve. Instead, they take and don’t give.

You don’t need that in your life. Ending toxic relationships is easier said than done—it’s a hard process. However, it’s a step that your heart deserves and needs to take. You don’t need to waste your precious energy on those who don’t appreciate it.

Find and surround yourself with people who lead their hearts with love. This will lift you up and you will be able to lift others up as well. 


You Are Worthy

Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in a routine where we’re constantly taking care of other people. This is a beautiful thing, don’t get me wrong. But in this, we can forget to take care of ourselves.

You know that love you’re giving out to all of your friends and family? You deserve that love too. Don’t forget to devote time to loving yourself each and every day. You are worth it.


Remember these things each and every day in 2019. They may seem like small reminders, but as you continue to think about them, you will continue to believe them, and start to live them. 2019 is going to be the year of fullness and self-love. I promise.


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