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NannoPad™ is an all-in-one menstrual pad
engineered and infused with Nannogenic™ technology.

Nannogenic™ technology takes safe, lab tested compounds and breaks them into nanoparticles, which are then embedded into the NannoPad™ via natural fibers. This technology has the amazing ability to naturally and safely release the needed amount of energy that helps microcirculation, resulting in a decrease of menstrual discomfort without the use of drugs or medication. Nannogenic™ technology also purifies the pad, thereby minimizing odor and bacteria.

NannoPad™ is all-natural, has no side effects, and is hypoallergenic.

Certified third party testing was conducted in 2018 with 52 women aged 21 – 45, over a time frame of three months using our NannoPads and placebo-controlled products. The NannoPad group experienced less pain (at 95% confidence) and fewer days of menstrual pain after using the NannoPad feminine pads.

It is made with the use of USDA standard, 100%  Organic Cotton certified by OCS, together with ultra-absorbent layers to firmly lock in heavy flows.

The result is a soft, dry, breathable and comfortable pad.

  • Tested and proven effective by women
  • Made using FDA-approved materials
  • Dermatologist tested

NannoPad™ has it all.