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Based on 177 reviews
my favorite was discontinued

I have changed companies because of the change on Reg size pads. I can no longer get yours.

Wrong item

I ordered the wrong item. Not effective

Never received it

It never arrived

Noticeably better period

I'm a heavy bleeder, and I noticed that the number of fully saturated pads was less, using these products.

NannoPad® Pantyliners

NannoDry® Light Incontinence/Period Pads

I’ve been looking for something that was organic without chemicals and finally found Nannocare! Love it.

Best monthly necessity ever made

I love these nannopads. I’ve been using them for 2 years now. These pads have made my moon cycle bearable, I am one who suffers so much pain, and heavy flows on top of that. These pads seem to bring the painful cramps down enough that I don’t have to cry and run to the E.R. And they hold the flow I do change them frequently though, also on top of that another best thing is that they are so comfortable, these must’ve been made by a woman because they got it right. I always order enough to get me by a few months. Only problem for me is I wish they had them in stores. CVS use to carry them but they stopped so I’m left with ordering online only and I dislike that, but I have to do it because these are the only pads I can wear. Thanks nannopad for being fabulous but get into stores so it’s easier to get them.

Hi Martha,

Thanks for your review and glad that you like our pads! We would recommend to order the longer pads, which is NannoPad Super if the Regular needs more changes. Meanwhile, although we love being in stores, as a small business, the cost we had to pay to be on shelves are too high. Many retailers and distributors requires lots of fees, expensive penalties for things we can't control (shipping carrier delays, etc), and marketing costs to push customers to their stores, which left us little to no profit if not a loss. As we want to maintain our high-quality materials being used in the products and continue the business, we were left no choice but focus on directly selling to consumers online.

We hope it make sense and apologize for the inconvenience! We appreciate your support!

Didn't get it

I requested it. Saw that it was shipped but it never arrived. I ordered paid product and that came

They are unlike any other!!

These pads are a wonder in my life. Please try to develop disposable or washable panties.

Love the Length. Don't love the Thickness.

Would love to see a pad this long, with about half the thickness, as another option between the Regular and the Lite pads, which are too short and thin for my needs. I can wear the regular, but it is too bulky for me.

Excellent product

I love,love, love the product. Is amazing that you have zero feeling of wearing a pad during those horrible days, I just love it!!

NannoPad® Super Menstrual Pads


I love the soft cotton exterior and the absorbency is terrific. I use them as a booster inside a wide liner bec they can spill over in extreme cases.

I am grateful

I tried these because I am a sweaty person. Also I have a very physical job in the paint department at a big box store. This makes me self conscious. I was looking for a pad that was breathable and controls odor. I do not get the soggy feeling from a grocery store pad with these. I can change these during my work shift and have dry undies. Love it! The extra is odor control. I have the confidence now of my day off while at work. I have them on auto ship- this works.

Doing OK

I often use 2 of these during the day, and sometimes this is not enough. I also have used the 'Regular", and this thickness is too much. Would love to have something in between the 'light' and the 'Regular' - longer and thicker than the Light, but not so thick as the Regular. This would approach 'perfection' for me :-). I have seen this mentioned in other reviews, so I hope you will consider it.

My favorite all the time

This is my favorite product, i got rid of itching and the redness because the material you are providing is awesome highly recommended

Love how secure I feel in them

The most comfortable pads, not sure how to explain, but it just feels right to the touch like no other. Have worn nothing but pads my whole life. I am sticking with these.

The pad delivers what is described as a cotton pad, holds back odor; holds more than you would expect in the 11 ounce range. Yes they are bulky but iprefer them over say Depends underwear, etc.

They used to be longer

Good product but it feels like they used to be longer

Good quality and fair price

These are just the right size for me and added to my current favorite pads they give me the protection I need.

Best pads!!

wonderful variety

Perfect for what I need!