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All NannoPad® products contain the same amount of Nannogenic™ ingredients to help reduce menstrual discomfort

How to use NannoPad®?

The NannoPad® should be used the same as a regular menstrual pad to absorb menstrual flow and discharge. During our user testing, we have found that some users will get noticeably better results from the NannoPad® by using our NannoPad® pantyliners a few days prior to their menstrual cycle. This helps to start the process of microcirculation, which may reduce the occurrence of menstrual discomfort. Not all women need to use the pantyliners before menstruation since every woman's body is different. So please find what routine is best suited for your body.

While we know might be a little harder to remember to use liners for extra days, this can help to keep discomfort under control, and lessen the need for painkillers.

Not a pad user? No worries! Feel free to use NannoPad® pantyliners along with your tampons or menstrual cups.

*Please consult your physician and/or medical doctors for further information about menstrual discomfort or cramping and how our NannoPad® works with your body. The statement in this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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