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It's more than just a pad,

it's Nannopad®

The most innovative sanitary pads developed to naturally relieve menstrual discomfort.

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  • Helps relieve menstrual discomfort

  • Made with 100% OCS Certified organic cotton

  • As thin as a nickel with high absorbency

  • Naturally eliminates odor and bacteria

  • Biodegradable packaging and wrapping for sustainability

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The future of

FemCare is here!

Our revolutionary Nannogenic™ Technology absorvs the natural far infrared energy generated by our bodies and concentrates it back into the pelvic area - improving blood microcirculation and relieving menstrual discomfort.

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  • Stella A,

    I felt like my cramps were less severe, I also felt like the pads helped with odor control.

  • Glori M,

    I felt the pads not only kept me dry and did not cause and leakage but most importantly they helped with my cramps. | definitely felt as a result of using the pads my cramps were more manageable as | felt a lot less pain and was able to do normal activities without having to worry about the pain being so bad.

  • Natalie K,

    I was really happy with these pads. I used to have very severe cramps right before my period and on the first day of my period but this product really worked for me. I still had cramps but they did not hurt as much as they usually hurt me. I was very happy with this product.

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