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Imagine a time where women endure discomfort every month due to PMS symptoms...bloating, back aches, cramps, total discomfort. Now, imagine a time where all of those symptoms could be alleviated with the help of an all natural and organic pad. Fast forward - now is that time. 

NannoPad®  was created with women’s comfort in mind and created with elements that we expect in today’s day and age. No chemicals, dyes, bulkiness or irritants. All natural, 100% organic cotton that is soft to the touch, thin, highly absorbent, superior odor control, comfortable and breathable. Not only were we forward thinking in how the pad is worn, but with its functionality and innovation beyond the normal usage. The team at Nannocare is thinking differently and making an impact on the lives of millions of women globally. From your teenage years to postpartum; we want to be a part of your life and grow with you. 

It is important that NannoPad® may help alleviate the PMS symptoms that millions of women suffer from each month - and it was imperative that we did it without any drugs or medications. Now more than ever, health and wellness is at the core of our being and we are taking ourselves to task to ensure that we pass this mindfulness along to our consumers. We want to be able to carry out everyday just like the next and not fret about what time of the month it is. 


Innovation in the feminine hygiene space is finally making its way to our everyday lives and we want to pioneer the feminine care space by making it not only accessible, but the norm. In the digital age - we all want accessibility, ease of use, quality and functionality and we are working on bringing that to the masses through open dialogue, conscious development and progressive thinking. 

Be authentic.

Be resilient.

Be bold.

Be passionate

Do with purpose.

Do for the good of others.

NannoPad® is here to make a difference, period. Let’s minimize discomfort and maximize life!

Not only do we innovate, 
we give back.

After our launch in April 2018, we have donated over 39,000 NannoPads to Midnight MissionDowntown Women's Center in Los AngelesBurbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC) and Salvation Army Hollywood Youth Center. For homeless women, the limited access of menstrual product is a monthly challenge. Many of them often using ripped pieces of cloth or toilet paper instead of pads or tampons, risking infection. Nannocare will continually keep it as part of our mission to give and help more women in need of access to safe, all natural and comfortable products for their menstruation.

We have also donated to the Endometriosis Association – an international self-help organization that aims at finding a cure and prevention for endometriosis while providing education, support and research to those affected. Since we have received appreciation from customers who have endometriosis about how NannoPad helped them, we donated and will keep on giving to Endometriosis organizations to support the research and study about women who are affected and suffer from severe menstrual cramps.