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Signs Your Current Position Isn't Suitable For You

Artur Meyster
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Achieving happiness is what most people seek in life. But, since we spend almost all of our time at work, getting a job that fits our expectations is essential. Work-life balance is now among employers' main concerns because when employees feel comfortable, they provide the best results. However, sometimes, a job offer may seem like a dream, but you realize it's not when you arrive at the workplace.

Identifying when a job isn't the right fit is crucial to move in the right direction. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time. Consequently, if you want to know if your current position is the right fit or not, here's a list of some signs you should be aware of at work. They will help you to recognize if your current job is what you need and if you should quit or not.

The Company and You Are Going in Opposite Directions

If the job seemed like what you have always wanted during the interview, but you realize you and the company are moving in opposite directions, you should analyze the situation. If your values and the company's aren't the same, you should probably look for a new job. When employees can't identify with the company they represent, they won't provide the best results.

To solve the issue, talk to your boss and see how to trace a new path to move in the same direction. However, if you can't find a solution, don't hesitate to write a resignation letter. Don't keep a job that doesn't fit what you preach in life. 

The Work Environment Is Toxic

If the job is everything you need and want in life, but the work environment is awful, you should take action as soon as possible. When the work environment is toxic, and most employees are in a bad mood, in the blink of an eye, you'll be in a bad mood too. If you're feeling uncomfortable because of the work environment, talk to your boss and find a solution. 

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Asking for a new position in another department might be a great alternative to fix the problem. If there's no chance to get a new position or change the work environment, starting a new job search is the best you can do.

You Have No Professional Development

In 2021, having professional development is indispensable for increasing your job opportunities. Education is today's currency, and if you want to land a better job, you need to add value to your CV. If you have no professional development at your current work, you must try to find a solution. Ask for tuition reimbursement benefits. These days, many employees have enrolled in coding bootcamps to learn new tech skills and have better opportunities.

Becoming a software engineer, for example, is an excellent way to change your way of life. According to Computer Science Hero, the typical salary of a software engineer is $133,000 per year. Also, the job market is projected to grow up to 24% in the next few years. If your boss disagrees, you can ask for on-site courses to improve your current skills. If there's no solution, it's a huge sign you should stop wasting your time and quit right away. 

Nothing Makes You Feel Motivated at Work

Motivation is crucial to provide the best performance. When workers are unmotivated, they provide poor results and will start to complain. If you feel unmotivated at work, take a break, and make a list of what you love about your current work. If there is nothing that makes you feel joy, it might be a good reason for leaving.

On the other hand, if collaborating on projects will boost your motivation, talk to your boss. Collaborating on projects is a fantastic way to improve your teamwork skills and your current hard skills. Also, working on projects will help you build a portfolio to use during interviews. Hence, attracting employers' attention will be much easier. 


If you identify with any of the signs at your current job, you must talk to your boss immediately. Above all, talking to your boss is a great way to find a solution. If you decide to quit and look for a new job, using a portfolio during interviews will help you stand out. Conducting informational interviews and setting new goals is also quite helpful to find the right fit.

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