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Pride for an Inclusive Community

Victoria. M

As Pride month closes, it is a time of reflection where the nation came together to celebrate one thing: inclusivity. The LGBTQ community is active in many areas and works to bring light to a community that represents love, inclusion, harmony and of course a strong and genuine pride for all of it. 

In Los Angeles, we have one of the privileges to have founded “The Advocate," (originally "The Los Angeles Advocate”)in 1967.  It is considered the oldest continuing LGBT publication that began as a newsletter published by the activist group Personal Rights in Defense and Education (PRIDE).

Another milestone in 2005 we in California can take pride in is that our legislature became the first to pass a bill allowing marriage between same-sex couples.

Companies everywhere are showing their inclusion from gender-neutral restrooms to same-sex marriages and more. The same goes for personal care products and the way we include not just gender-specific products but gender neutral and transgender products. It is with great honor and respect that we celebrate our differences and understands that while we are all different; we are all the same. Our open-mindedness and ability to learn and adapt is what will allow us to progress as a community of people,  individually and alike. 

Now more than ever, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that not only one month focuses on inclusion; but every month. Here at Nannocare, we stand with Pride and with pride. 

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