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Nannocare Has Been Leading the Way With Innovation for 2 Years

NannoPad can be described as a success story disrupting the fem-care industry by bringing hope and innovation to women where there haven't been significant changes in decades. Since its launch, this innovative feminine hygiene product has enjoyed rapid expansion in both retail and online markets.

NannoPad® is an all-natural feminine hygiene pad made of 100% certified cotton, free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, chlorine, and fragrances. They are embedded with proprietary Nannogenic™ technology that uses far-infrared energy, the same wavelength that the body naturally emits, to improve microcirculation to provide relief from menstrual symptoms.  

NannoPad® was first made available in April 2018 at They quickly gained interest from national and international media, including The Doctors TV Show and multiple publications.

Shortly after, in June 2018, NannoPad made its retail debut at Market Basket in Massachusetts and quickly expanded. Within eight months of launch, it was available at 650 retails locations nationwide including Erewhon Market, Gelson’s Markets, and Lassen’s Natural Food & Vitamins.

But the expansion didn’t end there. In August 2019, CVS Pharmacy made NannoPad available at 4,206 stores nationwide. In September 2019, NannoPad landed on shelves in over 128 retail outlets in Canada, including London Drugs and natural and specialty grocers. Early in 2020, H-E-B Mexico and Farmacias del Ahorro introduced NannoPad in more than 1,500 stores throughout Mexico.

Mindful of their part in environmental stewardship, Nannocare upgraded the product packaging to biodegradable wrappers and wrapping in July 2019.  

Nannocare has also taken effective measures to help alleviate “period poverty” among women throughout the United States.  Nannocare has consistently worked with many charitable organizations such as shelters, inner-city schools, women’s centers, The Salvation Army and Girls, Inc. of Worcester.  They have provided more than 66,700 pads in support of girls’ and women’s menstrual needs.

NannoPads are effective in bringing relief from menstrual discomfort is evident by scientific third-party testing and, more importantly, by the product’s customer reviews. Users speak of their personal experiences with NannoPad:

For the first time in over 20 plus years, I didn’t have to take any medication during my menstrual cycle.

The only pads I use! I buy them in bulk and recommend them to everyone I know!  They really do reduce my cramps … they don’t cause any irritation like the mainstream brands do.

These pads are the whole package. They are good for you and the planet, thin and soft, absorbent and comfortable, and help with cramps. Where have they been all my life?

Many other consumers have also spoken of discomfort relief, absorption, odor control, and leak control.

NannoPads are available in regular, super, pantyliners, and the only multipack of pads. Nannocare knows and believes that women deserve a better and healthier option for managing their periods and looks forward to an expansion of the product line in 2020.

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