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Embarrassing Period Stories and Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed

Kaitlyn Luckow

I remember being in middle school and always so excited to read the next issue of Seventeen Magazine. And the first page I would turn to? Embarrassing period stories.  

I would sit there and giggle, but most importantly, it helped me realize that I wasn’t alone. If these awesome people could make it out of these embarrassing stories still being the badasses that they were, maybe I would be okay.

However, as I’ve gotten older, it has become even more than that. I have realized that these “embarrassing” period stories weren’t embarrassing.

I did a little research into the word “embarrass” and it’s the feeling of discomfort. Which, of course, periods usually bring. That’s not the problem here. The problem is that this discomfort usually stems from an act of doing something that is not socially acceptable.

If you’ve ever menstruated, then you’ve probably felt this feeling of embarrassment before. Whether that be from bleeding through your clothing, leaking, not having menstrual products when you need them, or carrying menstrual products when you have them. We’ve all felt embarrassed.

So does this mean that menstruating is not seen as socially acceptable?

I would argue that yes, our feelings of embarrassment stems from exactly that.

Well, I’m going to burst society’s bubble here and let it know that about half of its population does something naturally they consider unacceptable. So who should really be embarrassed here? Us or society?  


Our Emboldened Period Stories

Instead of sharing some “embarrassing” period stories with you today, I wanted to share something else: “emboldened” period stories.

All of these individuals have menstruated in their lives and guess what? Stuff happened. Menstruating is a part of life and life isn’t perfect.  

Here Comes the Pad

“I was sitting next to the aisle during a wedding ceremony. I had my clutch sitting on my lab opened (for some reason). While I was taking a video for the bride walking down the aisle with her father. A maxi pad fell off from my clutch and landed on the aisle......Right at the moment when the bride arrived and standing next to me. The pad literally landed next to her feet, thank god she didn't step and slip on it, phew! Anyways, that happened. Some people saw it and chuckle, which I don't blame them. I quickly picked it up from the ground and zipped my clutch, pretend nothing had happened.”

We’ve All Been Here

"My friend in high school got her period during class and it stained her jeans and the chair! That was bad and the boys didn't know what to do, some laughed, some looked shook/scared. She left to the bathroom and was so embarrassed but once she came back, no one said anything to her. Ever since then, she learned to carry pads in her backpack."

My Favorite Star-Flare Jeans

“I was on the bus heading home from school in middle-school. I was super excited because I was wearing my favorite jeans (flared with stars on the sides) and I felt super cute. On top of that, I got to sit by my crush. My twelve-year-old heart was cheering. But it wasn’t cheering for long. The moment I got home, I looked in the mirror and realized that I had bled straight through my pants. I was mortified and thought my life was over (as a middle-schooler does). Eventually, that guy and I started dating, so props to him for recognizing that bleeding happens and that that’s okay.”


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