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Common Mistakes Women Make During Their Periods: Tips For A Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Jennifer Sanders
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In every woman's life, the challenge of the menstrual cycle and its side effects appear each month. Even if we tend to think only of its negative aspects, there is beauty and positivity behind this experience.

Menstruation can be transformed into a less traumatic experience following a few simple ground rules. So, if you have ever been in at least one of the uncomfortable situations that occur with the menstrual cycle, we believe that the following tips can be very useful for a much faster and easier transition during this period.

Track your menstrual process

One of the most important things is to keep your calendar up to date regarding the time of the beginning of menstruation. Many women make the mistake of not tracking their period which nowadays is way easier than before thanks to the multitude of tracking apps that practically do the job for you.

There are plenty of apps that have a high score in e-stores and, besides that, you will make your gynecologist proud! If you are not sure what is the best choice for you, just spend some time reading the reviews a couple of minutes and make sure you find an app that has all the features that you desire.

You just have to be more organized and as long as you have a smartphone, you are ready to roll!

Don’t panic and keep going!

Even if you feel that everything is collapsing around you when the pain sets in, you must find the strength to move on. You can control it and overcome these thoughts and try to complete the things you set out to do, after all the pain is just a fleeting feeling. By following your daily routine, you are keeping your mind busy and distract yourself from all the negativity that surrounds you.

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If there is a case in which you lose your focus, you can search for some assignment help or seek guidance in the research proposal writing service. If you just feel the need to hear a second opinion, proofreading is a smart choice. In this way, you will finish the work easier and you will be amazed by the results that you can have in such a difficult time.

Keep it clean!

Personal hygiene is essential during your menstrual process as women are inclined to develop infections during this period. You should make sure you are maintaining it clean by using the appropriate hygiene products. Try to get rid of the wet wipes, sprays, or similar products and limit yourself to water or mild, fragrance-free soaps.

The woman's genital area has its cleaning system and repeated washing may have a harmful effect. Nowadays you can find specialized products that have the pH adapted to the genital area and you have a variety to choose from, based on your budget and preferences. 

Don’t exaggerate with sweets

When we are suffering, we tend to eat more sweets and this habit may have a negative effect on your menstrual cycle. The loss of blood during our period has a strong impact on our body and we have the tendency to compensate with sweets.

There is nothing wrong with eating a scoop of ice-cream or some apples but each excess in life can bring you disadvantages. You can easily replace the sweets with foods that have a higher level of iron, in order to restore the amount of blood lost. 

Control the pain

We always seek a fast solution regarding the pain that we are feeling but maybe is the time to rethink our options and strategies. First of all, try to take action before the pain hits its highest level. As you are aware of the time of your menstrual cycle, you can have a little more care of yourself. Choose a hot water bottle and place it on your belly to calm the pain. In this way, the pain will not rise dramatically from the beginning and you can keep it under control. 

Secondly, make sure that you have a minimal stock of painkillers or whatever helps you in case of strong pain. Don't let the pain surprise you and try to be prepared in advance for each situation that may occur.

All in all, be positive and try to find some activities that keep your mind busy and bring joy in the most unpleasant situations. Bear in mind that thinking in advance is key in having an easier menstrual cycle. As long as you have your period under control, you can enjoy your daily routine with a big, proud smile on your face.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget that a healthy menstrual cycle means a healthy body.

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