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Building a Stronger You Together: Ways Friendship Can Lead to Better Health

Amanda Winstead

As women, we may think strength and empowerment means going it alone. However, overcoming our physical and mental challenges requires support. And the best people to offer you encouragement on your journey to better health are all around you: your friends.

Our closest relationships provide the encouragement we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Friends can help us sort social media and try out new beauty tips. And there’s nothing better than partnering with a buddy to get fit. The power of friendships to uplift us even in challenging times cannot be overstated.

Friends Help Balance Social Media Consumption

Social media can influence our perceptions of beauty. Images of realistic, unadorned people positively impact us. On the other hand, unrealistic images and filtered beauty photos could harm our self-esteem. How do we sort out the good from the bad?

Social media can be helpful. We can see what stars look like without makeup and be encouraged. We can learn tips and tricks to improve our makeup regimen. Influencers can teach us the latest beauty trends and how to safely use new practices or treatments.

And social media lets us connect with our friends online to create a supportive social sharing journey. Uplifting posts, daily encouragement, and posting our gratitude for friends we tag help us all rise. If your friends are budding influencers, share their posts far and wide to support them.

Comment and like/love those posts to ensure you see more like that. That allows you to cultivate a feed filled with positive imagery that supports self-acceptance.
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When social media turns dark, it’s time to take control. Document how much time you are spending on it, and then limit the time you spend on it. You can also turn off notifications and just stick to one or two platforms. It might be helpful to designate specific times to catch up on it. Have a friend hold you accountable for keeping those goals.

You can also turn to your friends for help when problems crop up. Message them for support when you see posts or trends that are concerning. You should especially reach out for help if you get bullying comments, posts, or messages. The people who have your back can help you see through the unpleasant nonsense.

Social media is an excellent place to share inner and outer beauty tips with friends.

Friends Help You Look and Feel Your Best

We hear a lot of talk these days about self-care, but what does it involve? People post contradicting information on what will make us look and feel good. How do you find the tips that benefit how we look and feel?

Our friends love us exactly as we are. However, looking and feeling your best can also boost your self-confidence. Don’t take offense if a friend shares their skincare routine with you.

For example, if a friend shares a guide to Korean skincare, they may have a deeper motive than great-looking skin. K-beauty is an ancient tradition supported by modern innovation, creating a 10-part skin regimen that is so much more than cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. This is an indulgent experience in self-care that you can customize, depending on time and preference.

In other words, getting tagged on a skincare post may be a way for a friend to encourage you to pamper yourself. Better yet, use those tips to host a fun girls' night in, doing a K-beauty skincare routine!

An event like that works wonders for your well-being, but your friends can support all your health endeavors. 

Friends Support and Encourage Good Health

Physical fitness is a great goal, but it’s even better when pursued with a friend. Nothing can inspire and motivate you better than going through a new health routine with someone whose company you enjoy.

You don’t have to participate in a grueling workout activity to share healthy experiences with a friend that are good for mind and body. Routines that involve mindful movement impact cognitive health because exercise can boost your brain and reverse cellular damage there.

What is mindful movement? It includes physical activities that also impact your mind.

Traditionally, we think of yoga or tai chi, but this can be any exercise you do while focusing solely on your breathing and body movements. Mindful movement is best done in silence so you can focus on how your body feels as you go through movements. You can easily do this in a quiet space in your home.

This kind of exercise can be shared with a friend. You may even gain a depth to your relationship as you learn to be in silence together. 

Food is another healthy social activity you can share with others. Partner with some friends to work together on making healthier eating habits. You can keep each other accountable on an eating plan, from exploring the benefits of a vegan diet to simply getting together for salad parties.

 Sharing the journey of healthy eating has many benefits. It can improve heart health and help you to stay in shape, especially when added to physical activity. A diet rich in nutritious foods supports a healthy immune system and can fight cancer.

Healthy food choices are also a wonderful way to support good mental health. It can boost your mood, renew your energy, improve your sleep patterns, and keep your brain sharp. Get together with a few friends and start a food lover’s club with good choices, like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole foods instead of heavily processed options.

Partnering with friends to pursue a stronger you is fun and empowering. Whether you're sharing positivity on social media, using skincare routines for self-care, or choosing fitness and healthy meals, you don’t have to go it alone. Sharing these experiences with friends builds strong and supportive relationships that will see you through for years to come.


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Amanda Winstead is a writer from the Portland area with a background in communications and a passion for telling stories. Along with writing she enjoys traveling, reading, working out, and going to concerts. If you want to follow her writing journey, or even just say hi you can find her on X.  


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