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Aunt Flow is Coming and You’re at School?? Don’t Get Caught Red Handed!

Beatrix Potter

It is crazy to think throughout history that when a girl got her period, she was restricted from attending school. Imagine if once a month, you missed an entire week of education simply because your body was participating in something completely natural. You would find yourself behind on assignments and missing out on so many new experiences.

Luckily times are changing, and every day new tools and techniques are invented to help us as women better navigate how to both embrace our femininity and succeed academically and professionally.

Getting your period at school is nothing to be embarrassed about, and honestly, it just makes you more of a boss. So since you know you are going to deal with it no matter what, I want to share just a few tips that will make your experience so much better.

First, embrace that sometimes you might not be prepared

The reality is that no matter how confident you are or prepared you think you are, there is a chance that one day you might show up and realize you didn’t pack enough products or your period comes a week early. The key is not to panic and to understand that it happens to the best of us. Feminine health writer at Paperfellows and Essay Service, Samatha J. Langhorne, speaks on this when she shares, “we have all been through it. You forget to have stuff on hand, and you end up frantically hoping that someone can help you out. Honestly, it baffles me that young girls still have that moment of panic that someone might find out that she is bleeding. It is a natural part of our process of growing and embracing our feminine attributes. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.” At school, you are more than likely going to be able to find a friend who can spot you a few tampons, and if not, the nurses should always have something on hand.

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Put products in every bag

This might seem excessive to some, but it was an absolute live saver for me in high school and in college. I had tampons and pads in my backpack, pencil bag, purse, and in the console of my car. I didn’t really care if my guy friends saw or if a tampon fell out while I was grabbing a pencil. I would much rather be over prepared and well-stocked than constantly worrying if I had stuff close by. I would even go as far as having a complete stock in your locker or something similar for emergency situations only, whether it is for you or a friend. This is a stash you try not to touch usually and only resort to when you or someone else is in need. This helps significantly reduce your anxiety when you are halfway to school and realize you didn’t grab anything for the day.

Tracking your period helps you be prepared and comfortable

Knowing what is coming often helps you to make sure you are ready for what is about to come both physically and emotionally. Getting a good grip on when and how your period is going to affect you better helps you set up ways to get through even the worst days.

There are a few different approaches to period tracking. The first being a good ole’ calendar or planner that you write out your cycle. The advice given by Donna D. Emerson, an expert at Essay Help and Dissertation Writing, is “I would highly encourage marking the cycle from beginning to end with the different phases such as ovulation in addition to mensuration. This will help you get in the habit of tracking all your bodily and mood-related changes throughout the month.”

 The second, and arguably more easy option, would be to utilize a period tracking app. This will help you not only keep track of when your period will start and end, but many of these apps allow you to categorize what you experience and different aspects of the period, better helping you understand your specific cycle.

There shouldn’t be fear or embarrassment when it comes to addressing your period at school. After hundreds of years, society is finally starting to realize that the fact that women bleed for a week every month and still show up to kick butt is pretty dang cool, so embrace that. Your period experience and story is honestly what you make it.


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