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Traveling on Your Period: The Ultimate Guide to Getting By

Adrian Lomezzo

Being a woman should not stop you from enjoying the pleasures of travel. Even if you’re still in school, you can always use writing hacks and services to free up your time so you can get the opportunity to explore the world. 

For many women, menstruation is the reason why they don’t travel as much because it's not very convenient to be on the road when they’re on their periods especially with the discomfort. In reality, you can actually travel on your period and minimize the inconvenience if you make a good plan.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to travel on your period.

Find Ways to Overcome Menstrual Blues Before Your Trip

In many cultures around the world, menstruation is seen as taboo and women are not supposed to talk about it in the public domain. If you’re from such culture, you might feel a certain way about your periods. As such, maybe you should find a way to overcome that dark cloud you feel hanging over your head every time you’re menstruating. Being comfortable in your body is key, especially now that you’re planning to travel.

Prepare for Your Trip

With the knowledge that you’re on your period, you should take pre-travel preparations seriously. Factor in your comfort and the distance you’ll be seated, so you know the suitable products to stock up and the right clothes to pack. Depending on how long your periods last, you need to take care of your menstrual hygiene even after arriving at your destination. 

Stock Up on Menstrual Hygiene Products 

When you receive your menses, maintaining your menstrual hygiene should be your main priority whether you’re at home or on the road. Stock up the products you’re used to using so you don’t encounter an unusual experience when you’re away from home. You also need sanitation products to keep your hands clean before and after changing a menstrual product. Besides, when you smell fresh, you won’t be worried that the passenger sitting next to you can tell you’re on your period. 

Here are some of the supplies we can stock up on:

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It's the most common menstrual product women use globally because it’s comparably user-friendly and comfortable. When you’re traveling, purchase your pads from a brand you’re used to using to avoid unforeseen side effects when you’re miles away from home.


Tampons are not as popular as pads, but they’re just as reliable. In fact, many women say tampons are the most convenient for travel because you don’t have to change that as frequently as pads. 


In case your menstrual flow is low, and you don’t have to use a pad or a tampon, you can use a panty liner to ensure the small discharge doesn’t soil your underwear.

Reusable pads

Since you’ll be away from home, consider stocking up on a menstrual product that eliminates the need for disposal. Reusable pads are suitable for when you arrive at your destination because you’ll need a reliable water source to clean them.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are excellent for long-distance travel because they’re designed to keep your menstrual flow out of the way without feeling bogged down with menstrual products.

Menstrual Underwear

Lastly, there’s menstrual underwear which would be suitable for short-distance travel because you have to remove your underwear and wear a fresh one.

Carry Prescribed Pain Killers for the Cramps 

If you experience cramps during your period, then you probably already have prescribed medication for the pain. However, if you don’t experience significant pain, you might assume that your trip will be fine. But to be on the safe side, carry prescribed pain killers just in case traveling triggers a level of pain and discomfort you’re not used to. 

Pack Comfortable Apparel

To enhance your comfort when you’re traveling during your period, you should preclude comfortable clothing. Park clothes that are breathable and snug so you can feel secure sitting next to other people without worrying that you might soil the seat. Besides, the last thing you want to feel is the tightness of your clothing when you’re already dealing with menstrual cramps

Additional Tips for Traveling on Your Period

Travel=ling long-distance while you’re on your period will definitely affect your comfort levels. That’s why you need to use these additional tips to counter any discomforts you might experience:

  • In case you’re planning a long trip across different time zones, you’re likely to experience significant irregularities with your flow. For this reason, you should carry pills just in case you need to regulate your cycles.
  • If you can afford to book a flight for your trip, do so because this shortens the number of hours you have to be seated. Besides, a plane’s setup allows you to take short walks to and from the bathroom if you feel exhausted by seating.
  • When you’re traveling, you may struggle with changing and disposing of your mistral product. That’s you should use a menstrual cup or a tampon because you don’t have to change these often. You can have either of them for an extended period without compromising your reproductive health
  • Hydrate yourself with water and other liquids throughout your trip to boost your comfort levels. Consider traveling with a water bottle you can refill with different drinks at different stops throughout the journey. Besides, when you’re focused on consuming liquids, you won’t be conscious of being on your period. 


Contrary to popular belief, traveling during your periods doesn't have to awful. All you need to do is plan your trip around your period to ensure you don’t experience any mishaps. Carry every emergency supply you’re likely to use so you can act fast if things don’t go as planned. Otherwise, you can enjoy your trip whether you’re traveling alone or with companies.

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