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5 Fun Activities to Increase Your Self-Confidence


Feeling our best is an important aspect of living a happy, healthy lifestyle. When our self-confidence is high, we are often more willing to take the chances that can lead us toward achieving our goals whether that’s buying a new dress or starting a new business. From time to time, our confidence can take a hit due to hormones or stress from work or relationships, thus it’s important to know what to do to regain it when lost. Here are 5 fun activities that help to increase self-confidence, and get us back to feeling our best. 

Take a hike!

Getting out in nature is great for the mind, body, and spirit. Being surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of Mother Nature can make us feel more connected with our true self. Hiking is a fun way to boost your self-confidence, because it involves physical activity, along with heightened mental alertness. During a hike, we take in more oxygen which makes our minds more alert and bodies feel more energized. We also release endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone.

Try something new!

Everyone has a skill set that is unique to them. Some people are amazing artists, while others struggle to draw a stick-figure people. Maybe you’re a great cook but you can’t sew to save your life. Regardless, try something new!

Take a painting class or join a writing workshop. Begin to knit or tell jokes. Taking a chance on trying something new isn't about being great at it. It is about having the courage to try it and experiencing more of life, which increases self-awareness which in-turn increases self-confidence. You might even surprise yourself and realize that you have a deep love for salsa dancing!

Become a mentor

Mentoring can be one of the most fulfilling forms of volunteer work that we can do. When we see how we have a positive effect on someone else's life, our self-worth increases and hence our self-confidence rises. There are a number of programs that need mentors, whether it be in the form of a tutor, a career mentor, or a big brother/big sister to a child. Having someone else look to you for guidance and support will help you to see how valuable you really are.

Yogis unite!

The popularity of yoga has skyrocketed in the West in the last two decades and for good reason.

Focusing on our breath gets us more connected with the body and less inside our head. Plus, as we develop a yoga practice, we see the capabilities of our bodies expand. Being able to do things we weren't able to do before is a perfect way to increase self-confidence.

Daily Affirmations

How we feel about ourselves is often a key reason behind why we act a certain way. If we feel yucky, we act yucky. If we feel great, we act great. Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis can help to build up a positive image of ourselves in our own mind. 

Consider writing a positive note to yourself each morning to kick start your day. Think affirmations that resonate with you and repeat it to yourself during the day when things get tough.

Examples of affirmations include, "You are worth it.", "You are capable of achieving any goal you commit yourself too.", and "You are brave, you are strong, and you are loved."

Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts is one of the best ways to give your self-confidence that much needed to boost. 

Life can be full of stressful situations and unpredictable challenges, which can make having healthy self-confidence challenging. It’s important to reduce the effect of stress and focus on feeling great about ourselves in order to live a happy and healthy life.


About the Author

Erika Long loves corgis, curry and comedy. Always searching for the next great snuggle, flavor or laugh, she inspires people to live their best life now. When not writing, Erika can be found at her local brewery dominating Harry Potter trivia night.

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