Great News If You Want To Avoid Using 

Dangerous Drugs For your PMS

The Nannogenic™ Technology in the NannoPad works with natural infrared energy emitted by our bodies, concentrates it and reflects it back into your pelvic region, thus vastly increasing the microcirculation, resulting in the reduction of discomfort.

*Tested 100% safe by users testings and laboratories

You take your vitamins before you actually catch a cold to help with your strengthening your immune system so your cold wont get worse. 

Same as NannoPad, it works with the infrared energy emitted by our bodies, concentrates the energy and reflects it back into our pelvic region, this improves your microcirculation in order to reduce the occurrence of discomfort.

NO Risk. ALL Reward. PERIOD.

(Yes, pun intended)

Don't take our word for it... see what real women have to say?

I do feel like my cramps are not as severe as before!" - Wendy T.

This pad does work!" - Shakera. L

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3 x Pantyliners 5%OFF
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